As I admit mention in my cooking page, I’m looking to expand my repertoire as a pastry chef. The French term is not a coincidence: I’ve recently bought Plaisirs Sucrés by the irritatingly original and brilliant Pierre Hermé, and it’s so full of interesting stuff I can’t help but share it. I will try and go through the most interesting recipes: you can find them under the Hermé and PS tags.

In addition to that, as time permits, I’d also like to post my attempts to replicate some of Heston Blumenthal’s recipes from Heston Blumenthal at home and some of his older work from In search of perfection and Cooking like Heston. They will hopefully be under the Blumenthal and HBAH/ISOP/CLH tags.

Finally, my third historical inspiration has been Salvatore de Riso: I’ve already pored through Dolci del sole and Dolci in famiglia, and tried my hand at some recipes. I’m not promising anything, but I’d really love to complete my baking portfolio with my favourites from those books: look for them under the DeRiso and DDS/DIF tags.


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